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Features and Pricing

The base package we offer allows your school to create an unlimited number of the following types of pages:

  • Informational pages that include an area for text written using a Microsoft Word-like editor, with pictures.
  • Picture Pages for uploading many photos. Choose from one of several attractive layouts, and even upload a zip file full of images that will be extracted and automatically added to the page. Many schools scan and upload their students' artwork for parents and the world to enjoy.
  • Item Lists for listing things such as links to other websites, files (useful for school newsletters), and staff pages (upload a photo and title for each staff member).
  • Contact/Feedback Form - for allowing people to enter their details and comments into a form, which is then emailed to you. Useful for prospective students' families to request more information about your school.
  • Events Page - for keeping your visitors up-to-date. Either enter in news as it happens, or display upcoming events, wnd have them listed or displayed as a calendar.
  • Statistics to see the number of people visiting your site each month.

All this for just $2395.00+GST, including 12 months free hosting.


Ongoing Support and Hosting

Choose from one of the following 3 options

Your school is covered by SchoolWeb for your first year of support (with the level of support shown in option #2 below), but following that, you must choose one of the following web hosting + support packages:

Option 1: $350.00+GST per year- Suitable for highly confident web users who do not expect to need much support.

  • All support will be charged at our regular rate of $80+GST per hour, with a minimum charge of $20+GST per support instance.

Option 2: $500.00+GST per year - Recommended for most schools requiring general ongoing support maintaining their website.

  • Up to 1 hour of email and call support per month, excess support charged out at $1+GST per minute with a minimum of 15 minutes.
  • $80+GST per hour for onsite training, plus travelling expenses (if applicable)

Option 3: $900.00+GST per year - Coaching for schools who want to develop their staff's Internet skills and ensure an outstanding result.

This plan is a fantastic professional development opportunity for Schools who recognise the importance of the Internet in education. The competence your staff can gain through this programme will benefit students and other staff, and will result in an exceptional school website.

  • An analysis of your current website to help you develop a vision for the ideal website and a breakdown into achievable monthly goals.
  • Facilitated bi-monthly video conferencing for your staff with a professional web developer.
  • Ongoing phone and email support up to 2 hours per month to personally assist staff with the tasks set for them during that month. Excess support charged out at $1+GST per minute.
  • Staff will be trained on specific areas of website development and be encouraged and assisted in putting these skills into practice in refining and completing your SchoolWeb site.

Topics include:

  • Content production (including Google results).
  • Website structure and formatting.
  • Imagery, video and presentation.
  • Media compatibility and file creation.
  • Information presentation (proper module use).
  • Internet communication and keeping up to date.
  • Advanced website tricks and features.

Should your School have specialist needs outside the scope of one of the above options, please let us know and we can customise something to suit your requirements.


Modules for Extra Functionality

The Schoolweb System also features a number of extra modules which expand the system's functionality:

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